key and applied exploration frames the actual spine of Zhen Group’s wide scope of value items. The esteemed Indian Council of Science and Technology has perceived Zhen Group’s R&D place for the synthetic compounds and paint’s division. The Engineering division contains a solid group of designers who work steadily to merge the most recent advancements and offer imaginatively, customized item ranges to our esteemed clients. Zhen Group’s R&D focus moves the way toward keeping up its mechanical administration in the consumption security industry by creating and joining new forefront and advanced advances.

Our exceptionally qualified and experienced groups of technocrats have carried numerous industry firsts surprisingly. Our solid conviction that progression should be tackled by empowering native innovativeness constantly causes us advance and heighten our previous accomplishments. Green advancements and in reverse coordination have been a critical driver to our examination, where customized items just as progressive thoughts have been productively dealt with by the group.

The cutting-edge R&D focus at Chandigarh is outfitted with complex and scientific offices, for example, ION Chromatography, FTIR, Micro-hardness analysers, X-Ray Fluorescence, U.V. obvious Spectrophotometer, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, inductively coupled Plasma Emission Spectrophotometer, High Pressure Liquid Chromatography, Gas Chromatography, STEP Tester and so forth.